Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a weekend....I DON'T want to remember!!

Can I just say WOW!?!? YES, I can... It has been not so fun around here for about the last week! It all began with Austin, last Saturday him and Hannah had a date. They went to the Mavs game and the guy felt HORRIBLE! That was the 1st sign around our house that someone in our midst was SICK! Then the next day all the girls went to the Benjamin's for the "Destiny made it to her due date" party. Well Rach was starting to feel bad that afternoon but by the time she got home she felt really bad (sorry everyone at the party)! So for the next several days after that it was Austin and Rachel coughing and coughing and coughing (Rachel mostly). They felt SO bad and by Tuesday I made Rach go to then Dr. to get something, ANYTHING!! Well by Wednesday evening Olivia started feeling bad and SO DID GRANT!! OH BOY! Whatever this virus is that is straight from hell - it usually starts with fever, fever that last 3 to 4 days, a NASTY cough, body aches, headache, some had congestion. Pretty much every symptom of the flu. So Rachel, Sunday - Liv and Grant, Wed. and then there was Ms. Hannah. She started feeling bad on Friday at work. She came home early and was pretty pitiful all evening. Most of my kiddos are really tough and they don't like to give into feeling bad. Hannah is 1 of those so Friday was bad but Saturday is date night and she was going out. After they got back from the movies Austin told us that at a really important part of the movie she lets out a cough that was loud enough that someone near them said - what did she say (on the movie). It seems that the 3rd day for them all have been the WORST and that was Hannah's day today. She passed on church to sleep in and headed to her boys to spend the day and evening. THANK GOD! 1 less kid to take care of - let him do it. She had a MISERABLE day and Liv was here at home thinking her throat was being stabbed with a knife. SO, enough for me! Ray took her to the Dr. - side note for the future - any emergency visits that aren't planned Ray takes the kids to. Unless it is of course a real emergency and we would both be there. But if it is not a planned visit - he takes them. Its worked out nice and he gets to share in the fun. Of course the unplanned visit are when the kids are usually the most miserable so SORRY HONEY! Anyways, Liv got a shot and an antibiotic! OH BOY!! OH, how could I have forgotten sweet Casey! She came to join the fun of Saturday. She lives in Dallas, she is living here away from her Momma so when she talked to the kids and said she was miserable - I said come on and we will take care of you! She felt SO BAD too! It was a CRAZY weekend for sure.

I praised the LORD all weekend because Ray worked some Friday but he was home the whole rest of the weekend. We are such a good team - sometimes we would look at each other and only be able to laugh. 1 evening they were all coughing (driving us NUTS) and we would make fun of them to each other like only a Dad and Mom can. Some would throw up from so much coughing or congestion (Ray's the throw up cleaner upper--did I mention he is the BEST). We both went to the store to shop and it was heaven - we were OUT OF THE HOUSE!! We came home with Gatorade, waters, juices boxes and every known kind of Popsicle - more cough drops, more ibuprofen and more flu medicine! WHAT A WEEKEND!! We also bought the fixins to make an AWESOME homemade chicken noodle soup - it was FAB!

I think Rach is on the mend and I think by tomorrow Mr. Grant will be better. Liv is a couple days away maybe, maybe the shot will do her right and she will be SO GOOD tomorrow (I'm believing for that). Hannah is taking off work tomorrow and hoping to feel better. Big thanks to Austin for taking care of her. Funny story - Austin called me sometime today while she was there and she wanted him to ask me what she could take because she was feeling SO BAD. Well I told him and after I got off the phone I told Ray that Hannah wasn't do good at all. He instantly said she needed to come home because she needed her Dad. Well we have always been a team when our kids were sick and we would actually fight over them because I am the Mom and I wanted them and he was the Dad and he wanted them - sometimes it would be tug-a-war. So anyways, I had to tell him that she didn't need her Dad she was right where she wanted to be and Austin was taking very good care of her. He didn't want to believe it but of course he knew that was true! A little sad but true!!

So, Praise be to GOD, Ray and I are not sick, Grandma is NOT sick and the only child that isn't sick and hasn't gotten sick and really refuses to get sick is Ms. Sarah! She said she is clearly the only 1 living right - HA, what did Grant do... SO, she is very grateful to be healthy! She is flying out to go to Kansas City on Wednesday for about 3 or 4 days and then she is making a trek with her old roommate to go to Tuscon, Arizona. A 21 hr. drive that I think they are gonna go a couple of hrs. out of the way and come here for a night or 2. SO - she has NO TIME to get this JUNK! NO TIME AT ALL!!! She's got places to go and stuff to do! I am believing with her and pumping her full of vitamin C, mannatech, airborne and anything else we can find.

OH, in the middle of the week (Wednesday) Destiny had her precious baby boy Shiloh. Hannah, Liv and Sarah got to go be at the hospital to wait for his arrival. Rachel was to sick and she was ticked about that! We are so happy Shiloh is here. Of course that was the evening that Liv started feeling bad - sorry everyone at the hospital. I tell you, you can feel guilty about infecting people but like my Mom has said before - people can get this stuff off of a shopping cart.

So anyways, NO PICTURES with this blog. NOBODY needs their picture made around here but Sarah. She's still looking cute as ever but the rest, aren't picture ready!! OK, I am writing this to show my children 1 day that they OWE US for taking care of them! HA, I wonder if it will work.... My next blog will be that everyone is healthy, Sarah didn't get sick and we are all healthy, happy and wise...ha!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Monday the 5th was a BIG day for my girls - they were going to see CELINE DION!! BIG DEAL FOR SURE!!! I actually sprung a surprise on all the girls but Rachel (she was in on the surprise) for a Christmas gift and got them all tickets to see 1 of their all time favorite singers--Celine! Rachel, Sarah and Megan had seen her in Las Vegas a couple years back and LOVED her show. Well after the big sisters saw her, Hannah and Liv had a dream that 1 day they would see her too. SO, I thought what would make it better for them and it would be to share it with friends. Casey had always dreamed of seeing her too so Casey got a ticket. I didn't know if Austin would refuse to go or not so I called him to see if he was in and he said of course - I think he did it for Hannah but that was all I needed. I got in touch with Adam to see if he would rather stay here with us or go because I knew it would be while he was here, but he thought he could handle it as long as he was going with mostly girls (only because it wouldn't be cool AT ALL to go with more guys then girls, HA). He was hoping none of his friends would find out back in KC that he had gone to a Celine Dion concert but I think they did! HA!! Then of course Megan is 1 of our own so she had to go. So 8 of them went to see Celine and they ALL LOVED IT!!! Casey cried through most every song. Hannah cried through a few that had special meaning to her. Liv didn't cry of course. The boys - Austin and Adam really enjoyed it too. Rachel, Sarah and Megan had seen her AMAZING show at Caesars Palace but thought this show was GREAT too! So I think we nailed that gift for sure. Here are a few pictures of their evening, starting at the house - Megan got ready at her place so she isn't in the 1st 1.

7 of the 8

Another "new pose" (I will explain that in another blog)of them right before they left the house!

At the AA Center in Dallas waiting for the concert to begin.


some more waiting pix...

isn't this what everyone does while they are waiting - take MORE pix?

OK, this is the last waiting pix.

and a few of the GREAT Celine!!

Adam's trip to TEXAS!!

HOWDY!! Something Adam probably didn't care about hearing while he was here! HA!!

Well the very 1st day of 2009 we had a special guest come to stay for almost a week. Sarah had met Adam when she went to IHOP in KC back in July. They became fast friends and he was a big source of strength, encouragement and help to her while she was in Kansas City those 3 mths. Adam had never been to Texas and we needed a way to get Sarah's car and stuff back to Texas and being the servant he is, he offered to make the trek to Texas! He had just ended a job so he was able to stay a while so we tried to give him the Texas welcome and show him some sights!

Also on New Years Day (actually around 2 in the morning) Mia and Blaire came to visit from Mississippi!! Blaire was a surprise because we thought only Mia was coming for the long weekend, so that was awesome.
They stayed with Megan at her place. So, Adams 1st day we had hang out time with our family and friends - dinners, movies, xbox, wii, playing music and talks - you know the stuff we do at The Bakers!

The weather could not have been any more perfect then it was while he was here. Coming from Kansas City and some already really COLD and SNOWY days this winter - he was in heaven with the Texas weather. So the girls wanted to take him to see the Dallas sights, it was Friday the 3rd. Mind you some of the sights my kids had never seen so some of them they all saw for the 1st time together! They had a LONG, full day that started out with BEAUTIFUL weather and ended up a little chilly. It was the 3 girls (Hannah was at a wedding that Austin was in) and then somewhere in the day Casey met up with them. She actually became the city guide and was a lifesaver!

The pictures are pix of their DAY IN DALLAS!!

1st stop was West Village


Adam couldn't stop!

Coffee stop at Gachets

The 6th floor museum - place where they believe the shots came from that killed JFK!

Place in the road that JF Kennedy was shot in his car.

They went to the AA Center HOPING to get cheap tickets to the Dallas Mavericks game that was going on. NO GO!

AA Center

They ended their evening at Cafe Brazil for dinner.

After dinner they went to Emanuel's apt. to see Travis - it was his birthday!
This is Adam and Liv on Emanuel's balcony - NICE!!

They saw many others things that they didn't take pictures of. They actually found a House of Prayer somewhere near downtown. Sarah and Adam ran in, because of parking they didn't all get out but I think that was his highlight. He loved how quaint it was and he really felt the presence of the Lord. SO, I think their Dallas trip was a success and Adam got to enjoy a little piece of our GREAT STATE!!

The next day was FORT WORTH!!! We started a little late of course but we ALL went so enough said. Actually everyone but Mr. Grant because he went to a cousins and then went to a sleepover/birthday. So it was the rest of us, Adam and Austin. Everyone was STARVING so our 1st stop was Joe T. Garcia's, which is a very popular Mexican food restaurant in Ft. Worth. We waited for a table outside and it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT. What a beautiful day again it was - the Lord shined down on Adam, literally! He of course wanted to have Mexican food on his visit and he was not disappointed at all. Here is a couple pix. of us there and our wait - pix. taking always helps the time go by when you are waiting for a table.

This was the Fab 3 in the back of the van - I think they stopped long enough from playing on iphones for a picture!


This was the spot we ate - we had favor and had the BEST spot in the patio/garden!

This is the cute couple trying out a "new pose"!

SO, after a VERY long lunch that was filled with visiting and LOTS of stories we thought we would head to the stockyards. We tried to hurry the lunch so we could all hook up with Austin's 2 sisters and their families that were already down in the stockyard area. We wanted to see the cattle drive that is re-enacted every day down there but we missed it. The street is Exchange (i believe) and while driving down it we spotted Austin's family. So everyone but Ray and I jumped out to go see them and visit for a bit. We couldn't find anywhere to park so we went around a few times and then they met back up with us. Adam saw from the van the famous Riscky's Barbeque and the place where farmers still buy and sell cattle downtown. He saw many Cowboys - no Indians and who knows if they were "real" cowboys! We also drove by all the buildings downtown - its so pretty.

Here is the street that is famous and to be honest - I have NEVER been down that street! I have for the most part lived here all my life and I have never been there! LOTS of great places to take pictures so I will be back.

This is really cute pix. of Austin with his niece Ashlyn at the Stockyards.

SO, our "Day in FORT WORTH" ended a little quicker then planned. Our intentions were to walk around in the downtown area - go to the HUGE Barnes and Noble, maybe go to Starbucks and stay gone long enough to take Adam to a barbeque restaurant to have Texas barbeque for dinner. WELL, the girls weren't in the walking way, if you know what I mean - ALL 4 of them!! SO we headed home! It wound up great - Blaire and Mia came over and the piano & guitar magically appeared. Austin sang for us and made us very happy - Blaire and Sarah sang for us and made us very happy so it was a SOLID day! WOW, I am tired thinking and typing it all!

The next day was Sunday! Sunday was the Benjamin/Baker gathering at our house. It was the 1st time since Hannah and Austin have been dating that we have all been together. Every Benjamin came, we were all here of course, Megan and Jenae (she is actually the person that is responsible for us meeting Austin and then his family - thank you Jenae). We had such a wonderful time with them all. We had dinner and visited the evening away. Sad to say, NO PICTURES!!

So that concludes a few days... We had such a nice visit with Adam. Ray enjoyed SO MUCH talking about the Lord with him every morning, as the rest of us slept. Grant had a ball doing boy stuff. He is such a great guy and he will be a family friend for hopefully a REALLY long time!! So that is 3 of the days that Adam came a visiting to TEXAS!!

New Years Eve 2009

Well it's been a while since I have updated this and I am not to happy about that but time has, gone who knows where. After my last update we have had many things happening around here. I guess shortly after that the next big holiday/event was NEW YEARS!!! YAY, out with 2008 and in with 2009.

2008 for The Bakers was full of ~ beginnings and endings ~ growing pains and great learning ~ joys and sorrows ~ starts and finishes ~ darkness and light ~ adventures and limitations ~ waiting and going forward ~ so all of that to say we are all on a journey... the journey was tough for some, beyond joyous for others but a grand journey that we are all on with the Lord by our side.

So to put that all behind us and start NEW is always great. I will start my update from New Years Eve and on... Rachel and Sarah celebrated their New Years Eve with cousins. They had a great night of snacks, games and fellowship. Nothing like COUSINS!! They did the unpardonable sin and didn't take a pictures but take it from me they looked cute - HA! Hannah, Liv and Austin started out their evening going to Casey's apt. for dinner - OH, Preston was with them too. Casey fixed an awesome dinner for them. Then off they went to Emanuel's new COOL apt. that overlooks downtown Dallas. They enjoyed friends and actually rang in the New Year in downtown Dallas. Of course they always want pictures (they know how to make Momma happy)! So the next pictures are from their evening out. Starting at home - it was a black and white themed party so they were dressed up quite cute, of course.

The last night of 2008

The cute couple

The AMAZING dinner Casey cooked

Beignets that Hannah helped cook

The Host of the PARTY!!

Matt and Becca with Austin and Hannah

Lots of people

Ready for a New Year together

Where she likes to be - close!

YEAH!! for 2009!!!

1 more SISTER pix! They are TRUE BEAUTIES

Then there was Ray, Grant, Grandma and I. Well we rang in the New Year with ordering in a yummy dinner from a much to expensive restaurant, watching an old movie and Grant constantly asking his Dad - are you still awake. I of course waited for everyone to come home and the boys went to bed shortly after the clock stuck 12! It is very surreal to think that I have spent almost 30 New Years Eve's with my guy! I can't remember ever NOT being with him on NYE! We usually spend a little bit of time reflecting on the year - what we would do different, what we wished we would have done, what we are GONNA do in the New Year. But we always end our talk with THANKING the Lord for ALL of our MANY BLESSINGS!!! Our children are our truest riches and we could NEVER thank Him enough for them. SO, Happy New Year!!! May all of our DREAMS, VISIONS and PRAYERS be answered, may the Lord have more of us, may our eyes forever be on the 1 that created the stars, may we live a life that if pleasing to our Lord, Jesus Christ and may we show the LOVE of JESUS to the WORLD in 2009!!