Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My BABY Girl is 21 !!!!

Olivia, oh how I love you...
Today you're 21 and I've been fighting my memories all day to try and understand how this happened. But the day has come!! 

In some ways you were our biggest and BEST surprise of our life. I shouldn't have been too surprised when I became pregnant with you but I kinda was. Trusting the Lord was 1 of the greatest things we ever did - because Olivia Grace came from that trust! I've asked the Lord all day which way He wanted me to write because we all know your Mother can chase a rabbit or 2...especially in the wee hrs of the morning. 

But 1 word I've heard all day is humility. I talked about that word to you at our family dinner but I wanted to elaborate... I love that you're so humble that you wouldn't even say your humble. That's awesome! But humility has been something you've worn all your life. In Proverbs 22:4 it says - true humility and fear of the Lord leads to riches, honor and long life. The Lord began to show me that humility is going to be your legacy or 1 of them. True riches that He's already given you in relationships with amazing people and the respect that people have for you is true honor and I'm believing for a very, very LONG LIFE!! Those 3 will grow and look different and many, many stories will be told about this Godly woman of humility. The humble receive more grace - in James 4:6 it says, God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. And Grace just happens to be your name. But because of your humility God gives you more grace and where there is grace there is FAVOR! And that favor from God follows you and it even hunts you down!! So, I speak that word over you and believe that your life will continue to be a life of humility. That you'll receive blessings from God that you can't even contain. That people will be around you and be convicted of their pride & freedom will come to people that are being destroyed by pride. AMAZING things are ahead for you my dear and I'll be praying and encouraging and believing in you all the way!! 

This year on Mother's Day you stayed up super late and cut out with your own 2 hands, words for a banner for me. The words were - Thank you's not good enough - I love that banner and I'll probably keep it forever like silly Moms do, I don't care how old you are. But I want to turn that around and tell you - Thank You will never be good enough for all the joy you have given us!! - You know what you mean to all of us - it was clear around the table how much your family adores you. The words - selfless, funny, caring, the best friend to all, humble, encourager, loyal, submissive, our rock, constant, peacemaker, FUN, beautiful, wise... I could go on and on. Watching you receive all your words from the people you love, was pretty moving for me. The laughs, and there were many, but I could tell that you were on the verge of exploding with tears too - it ain't easy to hear the impact you have on people's lives when you're just being you. 

So my sweet #4 daughter, my blonde beauty that makes me laugh and cry! The one that encourages me and challenges me. The church police that loves the word and worship and prayer and PODCASTS! My beautiful girl that has brought me more joy than 10 lifetimes, I LOVE YOU!!! I love you and celebrate your life that has meant so much to me!! I don't feel deserving of you because I want to be more like you - how can I be your Mom? If you were anyone else's daughter I'd be sooo jealous! Thank you will never be good enough to God...for giving me YOU -- Happy 21st Birthday Ms Olivia Grace!!!!
Here are some of her favorite people!!

And the Birthday Girl - she's BEAUTIFUL, inside and out!!!