Thursday, May 10, 2012

My 1st born, the child that made me a Mom is 27!! Happy Birthday Rachel!!!

Today is the birthday of my 1st born, Rachel. Today, 27 years ago she made me a Mom. She was born on a Friday and I brought her home on a Sunday – MOTHERS DAY! It was the most special day for so many reasons. I wanted to write about my Rach and I’ll write just a bit about being a Mom since Mother’s Day is so very near.

I was married almost 29 ½ years ago. I was 17 when I married in February so I turned 18 a few months later in May. For 10 days I was 20 with no children but on May 10th 1985 I became a Mommy. Fast forward a year before that day – I had been married just a few months and I discovered I was pregnant. I always, from the earliest memory wanted to be a wife and Mom. Ray and I were both ecstatic even with Ray’s $5.00 an hr job and our little home that was maybe 700 square feet. I was around 10 weeks pregnant and had just heard the heartbeat when I miscarried that baby. Super duper sad for this lady!! The most heart wrenching time in my life to date. It took a few days for the process to be complete and in those days they gave you a D&C after a miscarriage. So, we lost our 1st child and as soon as the Dr. said it was ok we began to try and get pregnant again. For 9 LONG MONTHS we tried and no baby…every single month I just knew I was pregnant but no baby. Then in July I discovered I was pregnant!! YAY! The best news of my life!!! I was quite a freak the whole 9 mths. and most of my fears really took root at that time. But 2 weeks AFTER she was due beautiful, perfect, angelic Rachel was born!! I write about my miscarriage because the birth of Rachel was even more joyous because I was broken hearted after losing that baby and then 9 mths of the enemy telling me I would never have children and then 9 mths of me believing I was gonna miscarriage Rachel and then delivering (all natural I might add) the most perfect baby girl...was beyond amazing - a complete MIRACLE!!

Then started my journey as a Mom. What a wonderful adventure it has been. 27 years of so much joy, WOW!! Rachel being the oldest has the most pictures, the most keepsakes, the most words written in her baby book (lets don’t get the others started on that 1.) She was and is our pride and joy!! She was a wonderful baby that had a serious set of lungs. She is known still to this day in our family for her cry. She was a pleaser from the start and didn’t have a rebellious bone in her body. She’s been an absolute delight to parent. My rock so many times, I couldn’t even recount how many times she's been there to help me, minister to me, encourage me - she's simply amazing. From a very early age she was my helper with her siblings and she truly thought she was 1 of their parents. Her sister Sarah wrote a blog ( about her today and she described her quite well. The boss of  really us all – a BORN LEADER!! She’s 1 of the most giving and loyal people I’ve ever met and she loves with EVERYTHING she has – her time, energy, emotions, money – she’ s all in to anyone that the Lord brings into her world. I love my sweet 1st born and I can’t believe that Motherhood brought me such a gem. How I deserve her, I still don’t know!

Rach, the dreams and prayers I have for you are so many. My prayers are joined together with God, who created you and wants even MORE for you then I do. I want every desire you have ever had, to come to pass – every dream you have ever dreamed, to come true – every call on your life, to be completed – and every blessing that the Lord has stored away for you, to be given. Your worth in Jesus is more then there are stars in the sky or grains of sand on a beach. You’re precious to me!! I thank God every day for you and I’m beyond grateful that I get to have this amazing woman to forever be my daughter! No other Mother’s Day has been quite as special as my 1st. I don’t see how it could ever, ever be topped. I love you Rachel Kathryn, you are my JOY!!