Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Sarah is a 1/4 of a century old!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Today is my 25th Anniversary of birthing my 2nd daughter…wait – this isn’t about me (even though…doesn’t it make sense we get at least a thank you for our part?) – but seriously, TODAY is Sarah Jordan’s 25th BIRTHDAY!!! Can it be? Is this really happening? She’s really out of her teens? I’m this OLD? A ¼ of a century? WOW!!! Time, where did the time go? As we all know, birthdays are a very big deal for us Baker people and a 25th birthday is even a bigger deal! Who made the rules, I don’t know – I guess me? But the 1st, 5th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 25th and then…well we haven’t hit any of the others so we shall see. But a ¼ of a century, WOW!!

So Ms. Sarah, I’m going to share, don’t worry I’ll try not to embarrass you… You came into this world with people waiting and watching your every move. You see, you had a room full waiting anxiously for your arrival. It was super duper early in the morning – 4:09am I believe and it had been a long night. You were my 1st of 4 epidurals after going all natural with Rach (what the “H” was I thinking: ) but it was a wonderful labor and delivery. 1 I’ll never forget. I had 5 of your 6 Aunts on my side in the delivery room, a future Aunt (Jen) who wasn’t married to Uncle Jake yet, Grandma Short and even Uncle Jake was right outside the door listening. An audience for sure! Also a waiting room FULL! But I’ll never forget Aunt Tucson’s face as you were being delivered and her saying, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus! It was a precious time. You came out a bit of a blueish/purpleish color but before our eyes you hit a shade of red. You skipped the pink shade and I should have known right then that pink would NEVER be your color. My red hide Indian baby that to this day can tan like nobody else in this house! For the next several years you grew to be this spit-fire that never saw a counter you couldn’t climb – never met a ball you couldn’t throw and early we knew we had to get you some training because you had to learn how to land a jump from 7ft up in the tree! My God gifted athlete that people couldn’t believe could throw a ball from short to 1st like a shot gun or hit a ball outfield and slide into home like a pro. You my dear gave us hrs and days and YEARS of joy – in watching you do what you loved!

About the age of 4, was 1 of the 1st God encounters I had with you. I tried to take turns with you girls and take you 1 at a time when I'd go on errands and this was your day - we were riding in our car & we were chatting. Because you didn’t talk a ton even then, when we’d have our dates I’d try to draw out of you things that I thought you’d like to chat about. My no nonsense girl that usually had enough of big sister chatting it up so I tried to be careful, not to shut you down. But this evening was different because I hit something down in your little spirit – I was telling you about 1 of cousin Katie’s friends and how she’s allergic to peanuts. You tuned up and couldn’t imagine the thought of no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We went over all the things that she couldn’t eat and at the end I said – we need to be praying for her… Those 6 words set you on course for a life of prayer. With your big almost black eyes, you looked at me and said… well we need to get in agreement and pray (we had been teaching Rach and you about agreeing in prayer and the power of agreement.) With tears streaming down my face, I was thanking God it was dark outside. So I said - Ok, then you pray and I’ll agree. So off you prayed a powerful prayer and that was the day that prayer was birthed in you! From that day on we began to stir up that gift inside of you. Anybody that needed prayer, you were there to lay hands & pray.The Lord showed us that you had a gift and it was our job to stir that up! My little prayer warrior!!

Then fast forward 20 years to a month ago and you on a stage leading worship with your brother-in-love and friend…then after a song you begin to minister and pray over the women at that night of worship – it took me right back to that 4 year old – I stood there and cried tears of such gratefulness for your life. Your heart is so kind – your passion to see people set free is so genuine – your love for Jesus is so evident and precious!! I stand in awe of a life that so passionately pursues the heart of your King! I respect you and celebrate you and honor you and I love you!! I can’t hardly wait to see what the Lord has for the next 25 years of your life!

What an honor it has been to be called to be your Momma! Your 25 years of living has packed in probably 4 lifetimes of adventure. My traveler that loves nothing more then to pack a bag and GO!! The Lord showed me 1 time in my prayer time, before you took your 1st trip, that in the spirit realm you had your suitcase packed and ready to go in your closet. You’ve seen so much, experienced so much and I know that the adventures certainly aren’t over yet! Next week you and your sisters and a couple of girlfriends go to celebrate more in Colorado and I pray the memories you guys share will last a lifetime!! Happy Birthday my sweet girl! I look forward to MANY, MANY more birthdays, celebrating your incredible life!! I love you more then LIFE!!