Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Title - so much going on I couldn't pick 1...

ALOT going on in The Baker house and in everyones lives! CHAnge, CHANge, CHANGE is the word for the month. The Lord reminds me as I am typing this that ANYTHING that is living, is changing. ANYTHING!! SO, I am trying to embrace all the changes going on and thanking the Lord that we are LIVING, we are progressing and a better word to use would be GROWING!! Some have growing pains - well let me re-phrase that - I AM having GROWING pains with all the change!! Just as soon as you figure the Lord out, He pulls a fast 1 on you. I write this with such a GRATEFUL heart that the Lord has HIS hand on and in everything in my family and that makes me SMILE!!

1st to talk about is Rachel - she is going through change that is very EXCITING! She is trusting and believing that the time is NOW for her to fulfill a call that the Lord put in her heart and in her spirit a couple of years ago. It looks like everything is in perfect place for her to go spend the summer in Israel. She is SO EXCITED and SO ready to see what the Lord has for her there but mostly to see how the Lord GROWS her heart even more for the Jewish people and for the most blessed place on earth. It is HER time to GO and we feel 110% PEACE in this time being the right time. She will go with a family that the Lord has knitted our family with in so many different ways so she will be there with parents that will somewhat take over our covering of her. Some may say we are CRAZY for allowing her to go to probably 1 of the top 5 most dangerous countries but it wouldn't be the 1st time we have been called crazy. I think about some of the crazy things in the Bible that the Lord asked the disciples to do and I feel in very good company. We have learned and taught our children that the SAFEST place we can be is in HIS will so Rach is waiting patiently to walk in that and it is awesome to watch with her. She needs the provision to go but when the Lord calls, He provides - so that is her promise. I will blog about this more in the near future. Everything isn't 100% a done deal and the ticket hasn't been bought yet but things are MOVING QUICK!! Sidenote to the above news - she started a new job a few weeks ago that is getting her closer to Israel. It is a GREAT job that is good money and she is working SO HARD. Perfect timing OF COURSE!!

This pictures is of Rach 2 years ago standing on Mount Carmel where Elijah called down fire from heaven.

This is of the Temple Mount (the gold dome) and it's surroundings.

Ms. Sarah is doing well - change is a blowing in her hair. Her life of prayer in the night has not stopped. She is back at home from Kansas City and we are loving that. She is trusting the Lord that she will very SOON be working back at her old job that she had before she left. PLEASE GOD!! She is growing and maturing in the Lord and in life things - very exciting. I soak up every day with her home. She has been able to do some worship events with friends since she has been back. She did do something very fun and funny recently that I wouldn't have missed. She went with a buddy, Matt to her old stomping ground - Free Style Skate Park and tried her hand at aggressive skating again (essentially rollerblading). We spent MANY a days in that park when she was 9 to 12! Then she turned into a girl and didn't go again. It was a BLAST to watch. 10 years later and 22 years old and she still has it. She wasn't quite as fearless as she was, which I must admit I was happy about. So here is a silly video of that. She did other things that were awesome but I couldn't get them on video because to follow her was putting my life in danger - skateboards EVERYWHERE!!

This is outside the skate park - her and Matt

Hannah is doing awesome! Nothing really big going on. She is enjoying her relationship with Austin - it is growing and she couldn't be happier. What an easy kid! She is working hard at her coffee shop job. This reminds me that I don't have really any new pictures of her and Austin - i know, i know - most people would say they have enough pix. for a lifetime but never enough in my book. Some change coming but that will be for another blog.

Olivia - she is on the open road!! She FINALLY got her drivers license. She is a really good little driver!! I have let her go as far as Grand Prairie to youth but she is itching to go out to Dallas to see friends. That will be in a few months when she has some more miles logged. The other BIG news with Liv is she got not 1 job but 2 jobs!!! She is a working girl. She has 1 part time job at the coffee shop that Hannah works at and then she works with Rachel and the country club being a floater. She isn't enjoying getting up because she has the very early 6 in the morning shift and she hasn't gotten her 1st pay check but when the $$ comes I think she will like it somewhat better. She is being very responsible so I am proud.

Here is a picture of her with her license, outside the dmv. Her real license came about 10 days later and she is very proud of how good she looks on her DL, ha!

Here is the prizes that her 3 sisters went to get the day she got her license.

Here is a picture of her at 1 of her new jobs, the tennis shop.

And last but not least - MR. GRANT!!! He is my little angel. He is about to finish the 3rd grade and may I add he is quite the genius still. He has some great lil' buddies at school that he has really clicked with. We also have 2 boys across the street that Grant really enjoys playing with. He is pretty much the easiest kid in the house right now. NO drama in his life yet - and I pray there NEVER is!! He aggravates his big sisters whenever he thinks he can get away with it. Next week will be his 1/2 birthday, he will be 8 1/2. I really can't believe that that is possible. Time is FLYING by people!! Don't miss out on being grateful 1 minute of the day for your loved 1's.

A picture of Grant on St. Patrick DAY - green hair and all.

That's all I got for now. Till next time everyone - the Lord Bless YOU!!!