Sunday, June 15, 2008

Honoring the BEST Dad in the WHOLE WORLD!!

I just wanted to write a little (yeah right) something to honor my husband and the father of ALL our kiddos!! Really there isn't enough words to describe what an amazing man he is. Since it is Father's Day I will stick with that subject.

He has been a Daddy for 23 years and he is THE BEST DADDY in the WHOLE WORLD. Does that sound cheesy, cliche, silly -- probably, but if you know him you know that HE IS!!! Let me try to put into words HOW AMAZING he is!!

1st of all to be the MOST AMAZING Dad you MUST be an AMAZING MAN of God and ALWAYS put God 1st -- he is and he does 1,000,000 times over!! 2 you MUST be an AMAZING husband and he is MORE AMAZING then I could EVER, EVER, EVER write.
So let me review - he has things in ORDER - God, wife and then.....KIDS. Our kids ALWAYS know that they are after me and they LOVE THAT!! They know that is the order it should be and they KNOW that we will be together LONG after they are gone out of the NEST. So after God, after me they are 1 in his world!! In that world he will do ANYTHING and I do mean ANYTHING for them!!! If it is humanly possible the man is there for his kids.

I am sitting here not able to put into words how great he is!! The only thing that comes to mind is that he is the TRUE REFLECTION OF JESUS!!! He is not his own - he has laid down his life for his family. Not just his immediate family but ANYONE that God puts in his path - he helps, he takes care of, he listens to, he geniunely LOVES!!
In my book he is a SAINT but when I say that he tells me that saints are dead so I just call him my hero!!

This weekend we counseled a couple that Ray is going to marry and to sit by him and hear him speak and know that every word that comes out of his mouth HE LIVES, that is an AWESOME thing!! I TRULY have NEVER met a BETTER father then he is (I know plenty would fight for that title)!!

I asked some of the kids (and not just his DNA kids) to give me words to describe their Dad/Pops and here goes....awesome, COOL, funny, ONE OF A KIND, silly, precious, SELFLESS, biggest giver, hardworking, handsome, kind, gracious, trusting, loyal, smart, not a good speller, faithful, good listener, PATIENT, handy-man, HUMBLE, stable, inspiring, discplined, loving, gentle, corny, helpful, sincere, MAN OF GOD, good-listener, reliable, martyr, BEST 2 Dad (megan), liked, honoring, cherishing, care-giver. The 1 thing that they ALL said 1st was SELFLESS!! I could sit and take each of these words and describe him but that would take years.

So I will end this by telling you what he told me this afternoon as we walked into Home Depot. He said --- if there are great fathers out there they can NEVER take the credit for being a great father -- it is ALL the LORD that makes any of us GREAT fathers!! Don't get me started on what a HUMBLE man he is!!! OK -- I will end with giving the Lord all my thanks and all my praises. Ray would hate to be praised for how he is because he would only say that it is the grace of God in his life. But I can PRAISE him and THANK HIM for being the BEST HUSBAND to me and the VERY, VERY, VERY BEST FATHER to my children.

I am beyond honored that the Lord would pick me to be the 1 to walk beside him!! There is NOTHING greater then knowing that God has given me a husband that I can follow and that my children can follow through life!! I LOVE YOU Ray ~ You are my BEST FRIEND!!