Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Father of the Bride is the Birthday Boy!!


I know I need to blog about the wedding but I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around all that went on. I need a few more days to process it all & then I will. BUT it's just like the Lord to make it work that I honor Ray & put him 1st. He after all is the big cheese, and he always will be.

So today you are creeping up ever so closely to the big 5-0! I can't really believe that, but that is reality!! 48 years you have graced this earth with your awesomeness & the world IS a better place with you in it!! I feel that you have been quite mistreated by me with ALL the wedding hoopla going on so my goal in life right now is to make up the last several mths to you. The nights of me staying up & you high fiveing me because I couldn't hardly look up from what I was doing. I know you will say I'm crazy & I know you are so grateful for all I did but I've missed you!! Thank you for always being the most understanding person I know!! You really are THE BEST!!!

Watching you through this whole wedding process & leaning on you every step of the way, has frankly shown me even MORE amazing qualities about you. I didn't think it was possible that I would discover MORE wonderful things about you because you're already soooo amazing - but I did... You are, what a real man is. A man that serves others - is a real man!! Jesus is THE MAN & he came to serve - NOT to be served. And you Mr. - are a REAL MAN!!!!! You don't stand by and watch others work, you don't stand by and see a woman carry a table, you work & always try to be the VERY last person to quit working. I watch you and wonder why every man isn't more like you. I wonder why they sell themselves short by staying the way they are. Then I just come back to the realization that the Lord gave me someone soooo special. He focuses my eyes back on Him & the gift He gave me. I lose sight sometimes & then I humbly just thank the Father for you. I thank Him for the example our daughters have of what it means to be cherished & OH MY GOSH I thank Him for the example Grant has of how to serve & cherish others!!

My prayer for you never, ever changes - it's a prayer that I've spoke a million times. It's simple but powerful. It's this -- Lord, I pray you bless Ray this day. I pray for supernatural wisdom & favor to follow him. I pray that you shine through him today so that the world will want to be more like you, Jesus. I pray that he knows how much he's loved by you and the people around him. Shower him with blessings and watch over him like only a Father can. Thank you Father for my husband & help me to be everything he needs in a wife. -- I pray a DOUBLE portion of all that today, on the celebration day of your birth!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet, sweet, precious HUSBAND!!! I love you soooooo much!!!