Wednesday, July 28, 2010

100 DAYS till the WEDDING and the gift I will be getting!!!

I seriously can't believe we are SO, SO close!!! Things are a buzz around the house and it really is the most fun I have ever had planning anything! Lots more work to be done but we're right on target with our lists of "to do's"! Wedding dress was picked up last week and going to get altered next week and many, many other things. Next big feat will be invitations going in the mail. Shooting for the middle of next month which means we have less than 3 weeks to achieve a pretty lengthy "putting together" process, YIKES! All vendors are set and ready to go. Finalizing the setup of how everything is going to be placed for the reception this week. OH MY!! Just thinking of things we have gotten done makes me realize I have so much more to STILL DO!! Oh well, it will happen - I have no doubt. I thought I would mark this big occasion in a different way. I have written plenty of blogs about my kiddos and probably never need to write another 1, because, well, I can go on & on about how great they are. But I haven't wrote a blog about my future SON before. His sweet and precious Momma wrote about him on his birthday and I could have but, he probably couldn't have handled so much love in 1 day. SO, I am going to write this blog and tell you & him - 100 reasons I am so thrilled to have him as my SON! These are in no order - just random.

100 reasons I am so thrilled to have Austin for my SON!

100. He loves Jesus with his whole, whole heart
99. He loves Hannah Ray Baker with his whole heart!
98. He honors the Lord with his gifts
97. He loves Rachel
96. He's athletic
95. He likes the Dallas Cowboys
96. He loves avocados
95. He knows how to relax
94. He's a good talker
93. He doesn't mind taking the trash out
92. He comes from a wonderful family
91. He loves his Momma (that's important)
90. He works hard
89. He loves Sarah
88. He has a Mr. Mc DREAMY singing voice!
87. He loves Grandma
86. He knows how to do laundry
85. He has the patience of JOB!
84. He makes me laugh
83. He knows how to perfectly fast forward the remote control for the dvr.
82. He loves children.
81. He's got good hair!
80. He likes to stay up late
79. He loves his future father-in-love - RAY!
78. He is confident
77. He's a good listener
76. He likes to have fun
75. He loves TEXAS!
74. He loves Olivia
73. He's a giver and has such a grateful heart
72. He is beyond loyal
71. He feels so at home in our home
70. He submits to authority
69. He's silly!
68. He LOVES ice cream
67. He's a good speller
66. He doesn't mind getting his picture made
65. He wants him and Hannah to have a big family (YES)!!!
64. He fears God
63. He loves to laugh!
62. He's very intelligent
61. He likes to travel
60. He puts God 1st!
59. He loves Grant!!
58. He's a faithful friend
57. He enjoys reality TV
56. He loves to play video games with Grant
55. He's got good genes (you know, don't wanna mess up an already good gene pool)
54. He loves to go to the movies!
53. He LOVES worship!!
52. He can make a yummy pizza (& when I say make I mean, cooks a frozen pizza to perfection)
51. He loves Pal (our dog) & Punkin (0ur cat)
50. He is always positive!
49. He knows how to throw a ball in the living room & usually doesn't break anything - usually!
48. He has become the griller of steaks in the fam & cooks them to perfection!!
47. He is so very respectful to Ray and I
46. He doesn't mind when our house is messy at times!
45. He loves our extended big family
44. He pursues Hannah every day
43. He considers Ray 1 of his best friends
42. Did I mention he can SING!?
41. He very, very handsome
40. He loves Dr. Pepper (even though that's not on my diet anymore it will always be my fave)
39. He laughs at my goofiness when I know it's only to humor me
38. He fits in our family like he has ALWAYS been here
37. He is WISE!!
36. He loves going to sporting events
35. He's a great example to Grant
34. He ALWAYS opens a girls door
33. He stays out of "sister issues" <-- refer to #37
32. He loves family dinners (even if I do cook with onions)
31. He gives the BEST gifts!
30. He puts the lid down
29. He takes care of Hannah's car
28. He makes my daughter smile like I've never seen her smile.
27. He loves plays and concerts
26. He always smells good
25. He's trustworthy!!
24. 1 of his best friends is Olivia
23. He goes grocery shopping with Ray
22. He has submitted to our dating/engagement rules.
21. He's kept my daughter pure
20. He has integrity that makes me proud
19. He does what he says he's gonna do
18. He's forgiving!
17. He's a great son, brother and uncle
16. He loves Hannah to spend time with her family & friends
15. He likes my cooking (I didn't say love because I cook with onions, always)
14. He knows how to work in the yard
13. He loves nothing more than to be with family
12. He loves the Word of God
11. He keeps up with Hannah's phone
10. He shows the love of Jesus to others
9. He is a SERVANT beyond belief!!!
8. He can do the dishes
7. He's a GREAT writer!
6. He loves date nights!!
5. He's very, very, very protective!!
4. He wants to serve the Lord beside Hannah.
3. He encourages Hannah to follow her calling & gifts from the Lord.
2. He's 1 of the most gentle, kind, genuine and precious people I know!!

ALL the above are in random order but the top reason
"I'm so thrilled to have Austin become my SON" is....

1. HE LOVES ME!!!!

So that completes my 100 reasons!! I could expound and probably have a story behind each of these 100. I could have also gone on & on! But I just want to honor and bless and tell you that your new Father-in-love and I are so proud of the man you are. We have ALL the confidence in the world that you will LOVE, take care of and share in a wonderful life with our precious gift, Hannah! We are so excited to share our lives with you in the middle of it. We look forward to MANY, many times with you, Hannah & GRANDKIDS!!! Christmas mornings, Thanksgiving dinners, Birthdays, and every other holiday, Family dinners, game nights, VACATIONS together - it will all be a MILLION times better because you will be a part of it!! We thank GOD for you and thank Him for setting you aside for our Hannah. We've talked before about you being the guinea pig for the son-in-loves and I'm proud to think that nobody will get past Ray that you don't approve of too. You love each and every 1 of us and that of course makes my heart burst!! I'm sure this next season for us all will not come without bumps but I'm confident to know that you will have mercy for us as we will for you. I do promise I will NEVER be "that Mother-in-law people talk about". So, in the beginning of this engagement business you made the remark that when the 100 day mark hits you could possibly freak out - well I know what ya mean because I could freak out too - it's gonna be here quick. But I hope this blog will show you how much we love you and how our whole HUGE family can't hardly wait to have you be a part of it. Thank you for all you are and all you do - you are a gift to our family!! I love you, Your Mother-in- LOVE in 100 DAYS!!!