Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Father of the Bride is the Birthday Boy!!


I know I need to blog about the wedding but I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around all that went on. I need a few more days to process it all & then I will. BUT it's just like the Lord to make it work that I honor Ray & put him 1st. He after all is the big cheese, and he always will be.

So today you are creeping up ever so closely to the big 5-0! I can't really believe that, but that is reality!! 48 years you have graced this earth with your awesomeness & the world IS a better place with you in it!! I feel that you have been quite mistreated by me with ALL the wedding hoopla going on so my goal in life right now is to make up the last several mths to you. The nights of me staying up & you high fiveing me because I couldn't hardly look up from what I was doing. I know you will say I'm crazy & I know you are so grateful for all I did but I've missed you!! Thank you for always being the most understanding person I know!! You really are THE BEST!!!

Watching you through this whole wedding process & leaning on you every step of the way, has frankly shown me even MORE amazing qualities about you. I didn't think it was possible that I would discover MORE wonderful things about you because you're already soooo amazing - but I did... You are, what a real man is. A man that serves others - is a real man!! Jesus is THE MAN & he came to serve - NOT to be served. And you Mr. - are a REAL MAN!!!!! You don't stand by and watch others work, you don't stand by and see a woman carry a table, you work & always try to be the VERY last person to quit working. I watch you and wonder why every man isn't more like you. I wonder why they sell themselves short by staying the way they are. Then I just come back to the realization that the Lord gave me someone soooo special. He focuses my eyes back on Him & the gift He gave me. I lose sight sometimes & then I humbly just thank the Father for you. I thank Him for the example our daughters have of what it means to be cherished & OH MY GOSH I thank Him for the example Grant has of how to serve & cherish others!!

My prayer for you never, ever changes - it's a prayer that I've spoke a million times. It's simple but powerful. It's this -- Lord, I pray you bless Ray this day. I pray for supernatural wisdom & favor to follow him. I pray that you shine through him today so that the world will want to be more like you, Jesus. I pray that he knows how much he's loved by you and the people around him. Shower him with blessings and watch over him like only a Father can. Thank you Father for my husband & help me to be everything he needs in a wife. -- I pray a DOUBLE portion of all that today, on the celebration day of your birth!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet, sweet, precious HUSBAND!!! I love you soooooo much!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wedding Update

It's getting soooo close to wedding time and everything is going amazing!! I have so not kept up with this blog and I'm quite bummed with myself. I will need in the future (6 mths from now) to have my memory jogged. Now with not hardly any wedding blogs, I probably will forget most of the process. I hate that, so with my crazy insomnia I thought I'd try to talk about what's went on in the last 75 days. We've had 2 general wedding showers, 1 lingerie shower, 1 weekend bachelorette party and this coming weekend we're going to the Austin area to shop for the wedding. It's been some serious milestones and I seriously hate to sound cheesy but every event has been absolutely wonderful for Ms. Hannah and our family. To see sooo many people shower Hannah & Austin with love, it's been quite overwhelming at times!! We are down to bridal pictures with Hannah this coming week and really that's it. 3 weeks from this coming Saturday is the BIG DAY! I just can't believe that it's almost wedding time.

Hannah's 1st shower was here at our home. It was a tea party & pearls theme. It was given by her sisters and Kim (a bridesmaid). Of course I couldn't help but help. It was my family and Ray's family - which is a bunch of women. It was beautiful and just a wonderful time with some of the most important women in Hannah's life. My sister Toni was over the top helpful (she should be called St. Toni). Here is a few pictures from the day.

The precious bride! The most chill, easygoing, grateful BRIDE - ever!! SOOO blessed to plan a wedding with this lady.

Me and my girl!

The sisters! They have all been such a blessing to Hannah & so helpful to me through all of this.

My Momma/Hannah's Grandma
Seriously probably the best maid-of-honor, EVER! This girl has done anything & everything we've needed her to do. She could possibly be the maid-of-honor for the other 2 sisters, especially since she's done such a great job. Just such a servant!!

The big group of us.

Some family

Aunt Toni - if something happens to me before the wedding this is the ONLY person that knows every detail of the wedding day! She's my angel on earth & for sure Jesus' hands & feet to me. SUCH a blessing. I could NEVER express or repay her for all she's done.

Present time!

Only SOME of the presents from this shower!

The setup!

The next shower was with friends. Hannah has been welcomed into Austin's home church since they began dating & she's now in leadership with Austin in the youth group. A couple of her girlfriends, her future sister Holly & Olivia put together a shower at Shady Grove. It was a cookies & milk theme. It was very nice as well and Hannah was again, overwhelmed by everyone's love. Here are some pics from that shower.

Beautiful girl!!


Hannah's new sister Holly in 23 days and her precious niece Haddy.

Then came the Bachelorette Party Weekend!! Hannah, her sisters and Megan went down to our timeshare in Tyler on Thursday - then on Friday came 7 other girls for the rest of the weekend. They had a WONDERFUL, special time and made memories that will last a lifetime!! Meshali was 1 of her special friends that was there and she's a wonderful photographer (she'll be 1 of the photographers at the wedding) - but she took pics for ME of the weekend!! I love her!!! So here are some from Hannah's weekend with her girls.

Shirts I decided to make at the last minute.

LOVE this of the girls.

Such precious sisters.
Their signature pose.
The maid of honor and 4 of the 7 bridesmaids. AND the bride.
All the girls that went. (all but Becca, she's taking the pic)
They went on a photo scavenger hunt. It was quite fun I heard. This is several pics of things that they had to get a photo of. The 1st team back after they completed the list of 25 - WON. The brides team WON!
Becca and Shali (the GREAT photographer/Sarah's roommate/my bonus kid!! Love them BOTH!
A little volleyball.
Ummm, thought I taught them not to jump on beds but...I actually let them always jump on the bed - YIKES! This is cute.
Next was the lingerie shower for Hannah's close girlfriends. This was given by Angela Miller & Erin Taylor. They use to be the "Ross Sister" (& always will be in my eyes) but have both been married in the last couple of years. They have known Hannah since she was probably 8. They blessed Hannah sooo much with a shower that they put so much time and love into. Hannah being VERY sentimental, it really meant a lot to her that they took so much time to have everything just so perfect and SOOO Hannah.
Here are some pics from that night.
The hostesses - Erin and Angela
Sweet Friends.
All these goodies were made by Lylette's Bakery, they were SOOOO yummy - here is a link to her blog -- http://lylettesbakery.blogspot.com

Then, this weekend will be THE LAST of the events scheduled before the wedding weekend. Myself, all 4 girls, and a couple of extras are going shopping to the awesome outlet malls in San Marcos. We are gonna take a quick getaway and have a good time. Hopefully a few of us will find what we are wearing to the wedding!!

In between all of the above we have had work days at my sister's home, where the wedding is going to be. We've laid new grass. We've shopped till we've dropped. We've logged 100's of hrs. on the internet planning, researching, shopping. We've made decorations. Created & sent out invitations. I've already made the appointments for the girls to have massages/toes/nails done the day before. 1 of Austin's brothers just got in from Europe. Everything is pointing to the wedding being SOOOOO close!!! We've worked hard but enjoyed every single solitary second of the planning. There isn't a ton to do until the week before and it's quite weird. It's a feeling like I'm forgetting a million things!! I know ALL the important things will be remembered and the rest will be no big deal.

The only thing that would have made all the above over the top, wonderful, perfect, stupendous - would have been to have Hannah's future Momma-in-love and her 2 new sisters here. Every step of the way they have been missed sooo bad by Hannah and the rest of us. Since they live in Europe it's been a big bummer to not have them here. I personally would have wanted Jerri with me every step of the way. She's been through this with 2 daughters and a son - and I can use ALL the advice I can get!! I've tried to keep them up to date on everything but it's hard & even though we've missed them here it's been WAY harder for them! I know the Lord gives them grace and they're just so happy for Hannah and Austin but it still stinks to miss out on happy times with your kids. And Hannah is for sure already their child! So that would have made everything just perfect! We are all quite excited for them to get here and enjoy the last of the festivities with us all. It will be a wonderful time as we join our 2 families together forever. I look so forward to sharing my grandkids with the Benjamin family. I couldn't ask for a more precious Poppy & Gigi to love on them and impart amazing wisdom to them. I know they feel like we do - the more grandkids the better!! What a blessed family Hannah and Austin will have. I'm so excited for Austin that all his family will be here and surrounding him with love for 1 of the biggest days of his life. So hurry!!!

So that's the end of the "catch up blog" for the last 75 days. I can almost bet the farm I won't be blogging again till after the big day. So until after November 6th - when I will have MANY, MANY pictures to share - Farewell!!